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RV Parks & Camping Areas In Rocky Point Mexico

The Reef RV Park in Rocky Point Mexico

Visit Rocky Point Mexico and bring all the comforts of home with you. There are many RV parks each offering a variety of view locations, hook-ups and amenities. If you prefer camping in a tent, most local RV parks also offer tent camping areas.

To call local numbers from the US, dial 011 then the number.

Concha del Mar Campground & RV Park - 638 383 4273
Aquiles Serdán, Bella Vista, 83553 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

Granada del Mar RV Park - 638 383-2199
Av Sinaloa, Benito Juárez, 83554 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

Palmar RV Park - 638 383-5877
348 Balboa Blvd., Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico

Playa Bonita - 638 383-2596
Paseo Balboa #100 Puerto Peñasco, Son. Mexico

Playa de Oro RV Park - 638 383-2668
Calle Mariano Matamoros s/n, El Mirador, 83550 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

Playa Elegante - 638 383-3712
91 Matamoros Ave

The Reef RV Park - 638 383-0650
Boulevard Paseo de la Duna, Playa Arenos, Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico
On the west end of Sandy Beach, west of Rocky Point.

San Rafael RV Park - 638 383-5044
Calle Mariano Matamoros, Benito Juárez, 83554 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico

Whale Hill Storage & RV Park - 638 383-6066
Calle Primo de Verdad 19, Benito Juárez, 83554 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico