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Overview Of Rocky Point Mexico

Town Of Rocky Point

Rocky point has a long and storied past, chronicled from the 16th century with stories of conquerors from Spain taking over this land from local Native Indians. Named Puerto Peñasco by the Spaniards, it became known as Rocky Point in the early 1820s for the rocky hill in the center of town.

Rocky Point History

In the 1920s it became a haven for Americans who were experiencing prohibition at home and could make the short trip over the border to easily available alcoholic beverages. Many famous Americans, especially those with means were known to visit here as a quick getaway. Al Capone often visited to relish in the atmosphere.

December 7, 1941 played a big part in the U.S. connection to this port at the top of the Gulf Of California. It became a port for the military based in Ajo, Arizona to transport equipment and supplies to support the war effort. Arizonans began recognizing the vacation opportunities of Rocky Point around this time.

New Condos in Rocky Point

The town had been a poor fishing village with little technological advancement for centuries before commercial fishing began to operate out of this port in 1940. Through the 1940s and 1950s the town prospered as a result of the profits from the fishing trade. In the 1960s the demand for shrimp increased and so did the price. With this increased prosperity the town began improving infrastructure and schools. In the late 1970s paving of the main streets and thoroughfares improved the appeal to American tourists.

In the late 1970s with no conservation effort or control harvesting of the seafood, the waters of the Gulf began to suffer from over fishing. As the commercial fishing industry dwindled, so did the local economy. It would be natural resources that would fuel the next phase of growth. Tourism then engulfed the beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico. The town and people of Rocky Point benefited by simply being in the right place at the right time. The area began to prosper by simply reacting to a ever increasing number of tourists, wishes and desires.